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Things to Consider Before Video Marketing in Indonesia

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In 2014, Japan-based chat app LINE published a 10-minute long video that served as a mini-sequel to an iconic Indonesian romance movie released in 2002, “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?” The film (AADC) was meant to promote LINE’s Find Alumni feature and went viral in the archipelago.

Within a week, the video published on LINE’s YouTube account reached 3 million views. “We chose this movie as the theme, where in the scene, the AADC actors finally meet after 12 years by using the Find Alumni feature,” Galuh Chandrakirana, marketing team leader for LINE in Indonesia told local media Mix.

We used an integrated […] strategy to promote this feature and the mini film by utilizing LINE Event, YouTube, LINE’s Facebook and Twitter accounts,” said Chandrakirana.

We also had the help of AADC actors, the film owner and soundtrack composer, and also the official TV broadcast station for the film.

So, was the campaign successful for LINE? Within two weeks, the campaign’s Twitter hashtag #AADC2014 became one of the nation’s highest trending topics, and increased the Find Alumni feature user percentage to 700 percent, said Chandrakirana without spelling out actual numbers.

Video plays a very important role in modern digital marketing today. If you want to launch a solid branding campaign, not including video will surely keep you one step behind your competitors. If you’re questioning whether the global market as a whole really is gaining a strong preference for video, have a look at these statistics.

Why is video marketing important?

video marketing indonesia
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According to comScore, over 45 percent of internet users viewed at least one video and were exposed to an average of 32 videos per month. This also means that the average number of internet users who watch a video each day has reached 100 million. When it comes to video in the retail space, 90% of shoppers claimed that video played an important part in their purchasing decisions.

eMarketer reported that users spent an average 5.5 hours each day watching video content in front of a screen in 2015, and by 2017, Cisco predicts that video will make up 69 percent of all consumer web traffic.

According to a study by big data and content firm Aberdeen Group, back in 2013, video marketing was used by more than 90percent of the companies surveyed. Today, it is playing an ever-growing role in the content marketing mix thanks to a positive contribution to ROI. Some say it has become the preferred form of marketing branded content.

What you should think about

video marketing indonesia
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The purpose of each video in your overall strategy

According to a recent survey by Demand Metric and Ascend2, video is the preferred form of content used for building brand awareness (52%), followed by lead generation (45 percent), and online engagement (42 percent).

The same report says the primary placement of videos is usually on a brand’s website (81%), followed by YouTube (73 percent), and trailed by email and newsletters (66 percent).

video marketing indonesia
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Regardless of popularity, YouTube is the most effective medium for video, with 26 percent of the viewers preferring to access videos through the platform. According to Clickz, the most popular channels for video marketing campaigns in Indonesia are, not surprisingly, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with YouTube offering the highest probability for your video going viral.

How to make your video marketing more effective

Length According to Visible Measures you only have 10 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention in a video. 20% of users will click away from the video in 10 seconds or less. By the two-minute mark, 60 percent of users will click away from your video. Pay attention to your video’s analytics data to learn about the audience’s behavior, and improve your content.

Quality Your video should aim to solve the user’s problems, offer amusement or provide new and useful information. Doing one of these things will give you a better chance at high user engagement.

With the success achieved by several brands in Indonesia, such as Yamaha, Oreo, and LINE, you can catch the attention of an Indonesian audience by offering amusement with music, photos, videos, but also by including popular people like celebrities in your campaign, says Clickz.

You can also use interactive additions to connect with your viewers, such as including in-video links, quizzes, and surveys. Finally, make your video easy to browse, link, and share so users can easily search and view your content.

SEO formatting Optimizing the words and data attached to your video on the web can generate long-term traffic. Creating catchy titles goes a long way, but you should also include targeted keywords and tags in your video’s description. Make use of video sitemaps to assist search engine bots with your video content.

Evaluating a successful video campaign

video marketing indonesia
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According to a recent survey by the Online Publishers Association, 46 percent of internet users who recall watching a video within 30 days, took some sort of action after viewing. This included searching for more information, visiting the brand’s website, or purchasing the product featured in the clip.

The stats showed that video marketing does increase your company’s exposure and sales, and if you do not implement any video, you’re unlikely to grab customers from those who do. LINE’s AADC video serves as a good example for what could be really sticky for an Indonesian audience, but each campaign is different, and you’ll need to formulate your own strategy.

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