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How to get covered by Kompas & Detik for less than Rp20m

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If you’re running a small or medium-sized business in Indonesia, you may feel like your company is not yet worthy of press coverage. But nothing could be further from the truth, provided that you have a compelling story to tell. The good news is there’s an option that even the smallest of businesses can afford.

There aren’t many players doing performance-based PR in Southeast Asia. But those who are doing it end up granting crucial media access to an ocean of SMEs that otherwise would not have it.

The last thing budget-conscious SMEs in markets like Indonesia can do is fork over a US$5,000 fixed fee for a single PR campaign. As such, mid-sized brands in the archipelago are always asking me if I can help them get media coverage by the local press.

Most often these are tech startups or perhaps even longstanding brands who don’t usually pay for media services. They don’t know how (nor would they want to pay a premium) to jump right into bed with powerhouse PR agencies like Edelman. In response, my pitch to these brands is usually pretty simple:

“Unlike the incumbent PR competitors, C2 offers performance-based press outreach and hustling. We craft your story first, then lobby the journalists. The final billing depends on the success of the campaign.”

No performance, no charge

So what does this mean? In brief, it means that your brand will only pay for what it gets in the end. If the journalists and editors don’t want to run the story, then there is no charge for you.

Because Content Collision (C2) comes from the media world — as opposed to the agency world — we’ve spent considerable time and energy cultivating our relationships with the press.

Local media professionals like us enough to advise directly on what kinds of story angles will play well in their media outlet. We are conscientious enough to always be maintaining these valuable relationships. That is something not every PR player in Indonesia can say.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Clients are asked to fill out this press release form so that we can understand the message you wish to send to the reporters.
  2. Clients are asked to choose their target media list.
  3. C2 crafts your story in English and (or) Bahasa Indonesia with your final approval.
  4. C2 lobbies the journalists and editors for 1-2 weeks thereafter to see how many of the target media are willing to run the story.
  5. When it’s all said and done, C2 sends a report of your campaign and the corresponding billing.

Case studies

this is a case study when conducting performance-based PR
Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik


case studies for performance-based PR
Image by Freepik


the case studies in this picture are examples of the implementation of performance-based PR
Image by Freepik

Things to consider

contact Content Collision to get the best performance-based PR for your company
Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik
  • C2 asks that clients select a minimum of five publishers from our media list.
  • At a rate of Rp.3 million per success, even if we achieve a 100% success ratio on your behalf, the total you would end up paying is still less than Rp.20 million.
  • At those prices, our earned and organic coverage is superior to purchasing sponsored content from media outlets.
  • Any media coverage you get outside of the agreed target list is considered ancillary and, therefore, free of charge.



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