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For tech-savvy fashionistas, blogging has become the best platforming for showcasing their passion. The hippest bloggers can expect to build a brand while enjoying some awesome perks and earning a little cash on the side.

Fashion is a popular niche that never fails to attract a huge following. With ever-evolving style, fashion leaders and innovators in the industry share their journey and advice taking any look from drab to fab.

Filipinos are fashionistas at heart. Updating looks and keeping up with trends and brands is a national pastime. Celebrity looks and red carpet fashions dictate trends in the hip country.

Nine of the Philippines’ leading fashion bloggers have become trendsetters in their own right, changing the world one look at a time.

1. Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada

the first asian blogger to rank in the top 10 of competitive fashion site lookbook based on visits to her page

Blog: Tricia Will Go Places
Total monthly visits: 21,000

Long considered one of the country’s top bloggers, Tricia is a pioneer of the scene. She says her blog is more of a personal diary, where she explores her love of fashion, lifestyle, travel and photography. The chic icon has built a loyal following internationally dedicated to her sweet and feminine style.

She was the first Asian blogger to rank in the top 10 of competitive fashion site Lookbook, based on visits to her page. She is a common face at fashion events, including the prestigious New York Fashion Week. Tricia also met with the then Editor-at-Large of Elle Magazine, Nina Garcia, in 2011 at the invite of social media network giant Tumblr.

2. Kim Jones-Rosales

the wife of the famous actor jericho rosales has become a fan favorite due to her classy style

Blog: Miss Jones
Total monthly visits: Unknown

A model, host and wife of famed Filipino actor Jericho Rosales, Kim’s classy and elegant wardrobe has seen her become a fan-favourite. After moving to the Philippines full-time in 2012, the Filipino-British beauty is a style inspiration to women everywhere. She is a brand ambassador for local and international brands and has also collaborated with local online fashion outlet AVA in launching her first capsule collection.

A quick browse through her blog reveals a high fashion site with stunning images that could be found in any magazine. Miss Jones doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

3. Lissa Kahayon

this popular blogger is a fitspiration trendsetter

Blog: Scenestealer
Total monthly visits: Unknown

Dubbing her style “versatile, unpredictable and moody,” this popular blogger is a ‘fitspiration’ trendsetter. Lissa shares her fitness and wellness tips, as well as her favorite workout looks on her Instagram.

Lissa worked hard for seven years to reach success and has this advice for aspiring bloggers: “Don’t go into blogging because you want the freebies, the followers, the fame, or event invites. You have to be passionate about what you want to blog or share to your readers. If you’re not passionate enough, you’ll get burnt out easily.”

4. Patricia Prieto

patricia prieto a blogger with a laid-back and bold style has become a prominent name in the fashion world

Blog: Paradigma
Total monthly visits: Unknown

Patricia Prieto may well be the niece of socialite and fashion designer Tess Prieto-Valdes, but she has carved out her own major brand. Her laid-back, edgy style has made her a prominent fashion name.

For aspiring fashionistas she says, “you don’t need to study how to write in order to start a blog. Just have fun doing it, stay passionate and persevere. Learn how to standout from the rest and that’ll help get you far in blogging.”

5. Laureen Uy

laureen uy is a trailblazer among filipino bloggers after creating an app for her blog

Blog: Break My Style
Total monthly visits: 7,200

A love of style and a sharp eye for fashion runs in this family. Laureen calls her older siblings her “idols and mentors” — sister Liz is a celebrity stylist and brother Vince is a creative director at a publishing group. Her trendy and bold approach to fashion has earned Laureen a huge online following.

After launching her blog in 2010, Laureen is now sponsored by big brands such as Sony, Samsung and Vaseline among many others. She is a trailblazer among Filipino bloggers after creating an app for her blog.

6. Kryz Uy

kryz uy is a blogger who delights readers with her outfits while waxing lyrical

Blog: Thirstythought
Total monthly visits: 21,900

Kryz is more than just a pretty face. She delights readers with her outfits while waxing lyrical on travel, beauty, food, lifestyle and even DIY. She is also the creative director of her sister’s apparel store.

Kryz got her start blogging when working on a college assignment to write “random things she thought would make people laugh.” This quickly developed into a fashion blog after readers began requesting outfit shoots. Her simple advice to her followers? “Dream big and don’t be afraid to get there.”

7. Camille Co

camille has worked with many local and international brands and magazines including teen vogue

Blog: Camille Tries to Blog

Total monthly visits: 13,900

Looking at this fashion designer’s site, any new fan will admire the polished look. Clearly, this is a woman who knows what she wants. She dislikes being a stereotype and keeps her style versatile.

Camille has worked with many local and international brands and magazines, including Teen Vogue. She encourages amateurs to just get out there and do it. She says, “what matters is your passion for blogging. That and a really good camera. Take your cue from your favourite blogs.”

8. Vern and Verniece Enciso

vern and verniece started out with separate blogs but have joined together

Blog: A Blog by Vern and Verniece
Total monthly visits: 6,000

These stylish sisters, who could easily pass as twins, share a blog but have two distinct styles. Known as a lifestyle and fashion blog, the pair focus on events, beauty, hair, food and travel.

Vern and Verniece started out with separate blogs but have joined together. What they love most about blogging? “The material perks of course are great but the fact that we get to work with brands we personally love, meet different people and experience things that we never even knew we wanted has got to be the best.”

9. David Guison

david’s influence scores of Filipino men have begun fearlessly expressing their personal style

Blog: DG Manila
Total monthly visits: 7,600

David holds his own in a niche dominated by women. Launched in 2009, his top menswear blog also covers food, fitness, tech, grooming and travel. He has worked with over 200 local and international brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Canon and Ford.

Thanks to David’s influence, scores of Filipino men have begun fearlessly expressing their personal style. Dishing out words of wisdom, he says: “This industry can make or break you, but be strong enough to know what you want. Always give your best and don’t settle for mediocrity. There are so many bloggers out there but ask yourself, what can you offer to the industry?”

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