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Working with a PR agency in Indonesia will save brands countless headaches that come with trying to execute from zero. Here are some key benefits to consider.
Announcing funding news is a useful weapon to gain coverage from regional business media, but make sure to consider this first.
Publicizing your business achievements can be a potent tool for attracting public attention to your brand. Find out how to weaponize this PR strategy.


There aren’t many players doing performance-based PR in Indonesia. C2 grants media access to an ocean of SMEs who otherwise would not have it.
How do you make the bustling Twitter capital take notice of your presence? Here are a few helpful tips.
The millennials are considered by many as one of most tech-savvy generations today. Find out why brands are altering their strategy to keep up with them.
A study by research firm JakPat shows that Indonesians prefer education over entertainment.
A recent study made by Prezi and neuroscientist Dr. Carmen Simon shows that consumers barely recall information from brands.
A look at the country’s most influential fashionistas and how they use blogging to inspire and influence.
Studies showed a large percentage of people taking on temporary jobs instead of permanent full-time ones after graduating from college.
For those looking to break into the diverse and colourful Southeast Asia market, here are a few inspiring talks to influence your strategy.



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