We provide integrated Digital PR services that boost online reputation for tech companies in the APAC region

F ounded by tech journalists, Content Collision offers cutting-edge solutions to help tech companies and startups of any size to stand out in their industry. With a proven track record of serving over 200+ tech companies in the Asia Pacific, we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs. Elevate your business and stay ahead of the competition, contact us today to learn more.

Our services

Every company has its own unique narrative. But only a few know how to tell theirs right and craft a strong public image out of it. Content Collision helps do this in 3 ways.

Get your story published on International media outlets.

Unlock your company’s full potential with our expert PR strategies. Get your brand published on top international and local media outlets.  

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Work with micro-creators to build content for social media and on Google.

Amplify your brand’s reach and reputation with our network of bloggers, buzzers, and micro-creators creating positive content about you across the web.


Our Happy Clients
We manage and grow your company reputation channels

Unlock your tech firm’s potential with our powerful content marketing strategies. We’ll help you elevate your company blog and LinkedIn page to new heights with engaging strategy and the right narrative for your brand.

Our Happy Clients

Why Content Collision

We’re specialized in the tech industry

Join the ranks of our satisfied tech clients, including early-stage startups to multinational corporations, with our tailored PR strategies designed to boost the reputation of your tech solutions. With over 200 tech clients, trust us to take your company to the next level!

Control is in your hand

You have the final say of which and how many coverage you want to target for all campaigns. No more random distribution with unreliable results.

Performance-based campaign model

Our offerings are based on successful outcomes. This means if there’s no result, then you won’t pay a cent.